The Canterbury Society of Model and Experimental Engineers has a number of Awards that are presented on an annual basis.

Awards night is the first Tuesday in October.  Most Awards are judged by members except the President's Cup (which is obvious really).

Any member can compete for awards.


Some infomation on the history of Awards

Curry Cup - named after Frank Curry.  Frank was an engineer at Wallace & Cooper Timaru before moving to Christchurch.  He was President of CSMEE

Edsall Award - named after Monty Edsall.  Monty was an engineering manager in town.

Harrison Cup- named after Jim Harrison.  Jim was a draughtsmana at Christchurch City Council.  He made several model ships including the cargo ship model on display in the Club rooms.

Moody Cup - named after John Moody.  John was a self employed businessman.  He was instrumental in the Clubhouse and track at Andews Cres.

Powell Shield - named after Harry Powell.  Harry was a technician at the Hospital and made several engines.

Kevin Welsh Cup - Kevin was a maintenance engineer at Temuka insulators.

Canterbury Railway Award - this award consists of a slice of original wrought iron rail from the Canterbury Railway of 1870.


    Award                                       For                                                                  Winners - 2018

    Moody Cup                                Best Model Overall                                              Dave Campbell

    Curry Cup                                 Best Workmanship In Any Model                           Dave Campbell

    Harrison Cup                             Best Model Boat                                                  Chris knowles

    Powell Shield                            Best Workshop Equipment                                    Jock Miller

    Presidents Cup                          Best Small Model                                                                  Chris Knowles

    Edsall Award                             Best First Model                                                             Jayden Randall

    Kevin Welsh Cup                       Best Road Vehicle                                                 Not awarded

    Canterbury Railways Trophy     Best 7 1/4" Loco or Rolling Stock                            Kieth Robson

    Innovation Award                         Best new Innovation benefiting CSMEE                 Robin Shand

    Mini 'America's Cup'                  Annual Yacht Race for "Image" Class Yachts


    The "Bent Coupling" Award      In recognition of something the recipient                   

                                                     wished would remain their little secret!

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