The CSMEE is located in the Halswell Domain.  There are two ways to enter; use the car park on William Brittan Drive or enter off Halswell Road and drive round past the Scout Den.

Meeting nights are held at our Clubrooms at Halswell Domain (next to the station).

Map with Halswell Domain identified  as "A"

Google Earth image with Halswell Domain and CSMEE location identified 

Details of Halswell Domain Facilities

The site at Halswell Domain covers about 5 Ha and has been developed to include over 1km of 7 ¼ “ and 5" ground level track; over 300m of 5", 3 ½ “ and 2 ½ “ raised track, a boating pond, club rooms, stations, engine shed and steaming bay.   See below for details.  Click here for Gallery of Halswell site Development


Ground Level Track Main Station

Ground Level Track Main Station


Access Bridge for Ground Level Track Main Station

Raisied Track Station

Engine Shed

Steaming Bay


Steaming Bay

Traverser in Steaming Bay


Boating Pond

Harbour Area of Boating Pond