A Gallery of pictures showing the Halswell Site Development. 


Dedicated to all the hard work of members who have made this great facility happen.


 Aerial view of the site.  Dec 2003

The site on Opening Day 3 April 2004 


The Bridge construction 


The viaduct out of the trees 


The Engine Shed under construction 


The Main Station and Overbridge take shape 


 The Engine Shed and Steaming Bay in use

The Main Station in use 


The Raised Track Station takes shape 


The Raised Track itself well under way 


Track Laying proceeding apace

The Turntable takes shape 


The long viaduct is a big job 

Track ballasting and points work 


Working on the new pond

The pond and harbour in use  

The Club House is the most recent major construction project

The new Club Rooms in use at the Exhibition 13 November 2012