Andrew Sullivan's Lake Windermere Steam Launch

November 2015

Andrew Sullivan has recently completed his scale model of a typical Windermere steam boat.  She is built to a 1/6th scale resulting in a model that is 53 inches in length and 13 inch beam.  The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail are of the highest order and won Andrew three awards for 2015; Moody Cup (Best Model Overall), Curry Cup (Best Workmanship) and Harrison Cup (Best Model Boat).

There is a lot of work in a model like this and she took Andrew approximately one year to build (Andrew says there was quite a bit of time before that “getting organised”).  The model has a planked deck of mahogany and a mix of mahogany and kauri, all this  ex Geoff's model and hobby shop in Wanganui

She is steam powdered with a 4 inch horizontal centre flue boiler, with ceramic burner fitted burning 70/30 butane/propane gas mix.  This lasts about 20 minutes on a single charge, but longer on canisters.  The boiler has a working pressure of 80 psi ( 6 bar) and a test pressure 160 psi. The boiler is fitted with a condenser / oil trap for exhaust steam.

The engine is a twin cylinder with 19 mm bore and 19 mm stroke and is fitted with reversing valve linkages.  Water level is maintained by an engine driven water pump with hand pump available if required.

The engine drives a 68mm dia 5 bladed propeller.

Andrew looks forward to many hours pleasurable sailing of the new craft, just like the original that graced the waters of Lake Windermere in the Lakes District of England.  Andrew does acknowledge the assistance from Keith Robson in doing the plumbing and advice from fellow boaties.