CSMEE is pleased to host CANMOD 2022!  Welcome.

Model Engineers from all over, and the public, are invited to come and enjoy the activities planned and the facilities that CSMEE has to offer.

These links will provide more information about CSMEE and the track we have and hopefully whet your appetite:

CANMOD is being held at the Canterbury CSMEE, here in Christchurch. Located in the Halswell Domain, we have both Raised and Ground Level tracks, as well as plenty of areas for Road Engines to strut their stuff.

In terms of CANMOD... 
The schedule of events is below, which will give you a great idea of the run of the convention. The track will be open from 9am each day, and will most likely close around 9pm, depending on a variety of factors.

The CSMEE will be providing food at no charge to attendees during the day, with the only exception being the Convention Dinner. This will be held at the "Hoofbeats" venue, otherwise known as Riccarton Racecourse, on Saturday evening. This has sold out! However if you have not registered for dinner, we can add you to a 'Reserve' list if you wish.

We have a Post-CANMOD run at the 7 1/4"gauge-only Christchurch Live Steamers (Mcleans Island), taking place on both the Tuesday and Wednesday.
Track/gate opens around 9am each day :)

In terms of Licencing, please bring your club licence for inspection, and after a familiarisation run or two with one of our team, you should be able to haul public passengers.
If you do not have a licence, you are able to drive under supervision, with no passengers. But don't worry, there will be plenty of jobs we can find to keep you busy if you like!
If you are bringing equipment to run, please remember your current WOF/Boiler Cert etc.

Click on the link below for the Canmod 22 Event Schedule.

Canmod 2022 Event Scheudle.pdf Canmod 2022 Event Scheudle.pdf
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If you want any more information, email us at the CANMOD email address csmeecanmod@gmail.com or try our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CANMOD2023